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August 2023

Greetings from Panama!

Praying that you and everyone in your family are flourishing!

It looks like sometimes this is monthly and sometimes bi-monthly,  It depends on whether I have worthy info to pass on to you.  I don’t want to bore you with what I had for lunch…  😅

News of the Day…


Soraya slept in her own bed last night!

This may not be Kingdom-shaking news, but since we took in Olga and gave her Soraya’s room, she’s been sleeping in the living room on the sofa.  But thanks to all of you generous, wonderful people (and you know who you are…your names are written in heaven!), we have finished the walls and ceilings and windows and door.  She finally has the privacy to sleep and pray and have her own space.

We really can’t thank you all enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

But this IS kingdom-shaking news!….

I was invited to speak for fifteen minutes at an after-school mission club, and fourteen out of twenty youths accepted the Lord into their lives.

I was astounded!  It was interesting because usually I ask Holy Spirit what He wants to say, and then I write out a few notes to keep me on track. But when I got out my index card to write on it, Holy Spirit said He didn’t want me to prepare or write down anything!  He wanted to lead the way…and lead He did. 

In this crazy, mixed-up world, people are looking for sanity and a safe place to live their lives…and surely our King of kings is the answer!

In a very simple way, I explained that there are two Kingdoms: Satan’s and God’s. We have to choose, just like I would have to choose to renounce my American citizenship, tear up my passport, move to Panama, agree to obey its laws, and then receive my Panamanian passport.

I would need to intentionally choose to renounce one country to move to the new country.  Just like we have to choose between the two spiritual worlds.

I told them to think about what it would feel like if their Father was the King, and they were princes and princesses with all of the rights and privileges of the King!

So they needed to choose.

Because they were born into Satan’s kingdom on this earth, all he had to offer them was death, sin, and hell.  But if they chose to change Kingdoms and join God and His kingdom, then they would have a Father who loves them unconditionally and only wants the best for them.

They got the message!


I love the happy faces! I had to hug them all and welcome them into the Father’s Kingdom. 🙂

I’m heading back there next week for a follow-up time.

Olga’s Ongoing Story…

I debated whether to show you her foot, but we need prayer!

I wish I knew how to make it smaller so it’s not so in-your-face.

We went to get an ultrasound last week to see where we were in her Peripheral Arterial Disease, and we found that all three arteries in her right calf are completely blocked, with little to no blood flow into her foot.

The medical doctors said there was nothing but vascular surgery to save her leg, but the last doctor sent us to an alternative health clinic using different IV therapies to clean out her arteries and blood.

Olga cannot survive surgery here. She would be in a public hospital, and they would likely cut off her leg. I have heard horror stories of that happening, only to come home to die.  That is not an option.

BUT GOD!  Jehova Rapha is our healer, and we are standing on His Word.  By His stripes, she is healed!

Miracle Cafe’s original mandate was to see God’s signs and wonders and miraculous healings here in Volcan.  So it looks like He gave us a practice case to overcome by His Name and His Blood!

Please join us in your own declarations of healing for Olga…and pray for God’s strength for all of us as we walk through this. I think it’s the hardest ongoing thing I’ve ever done. 

I’ve had to rise above my exhaustion and remember that in my weakness, He can move in and take over and make me strong.

The ulcers on her foot will never heal until God opens her arteries and allows the blood to flow freely into her foot. In the meantime, she is in horrible pain.

But, she is growing in the Lord, and learning to look to Him for everything. And that has been a real blessing to watch. She is happier than when she got here, even with all of her diagnoses!


Daily Stuff….

We continue our worship and prayer and Wednesday morning meetings. We continue to give bags of food to the hungry, and encouragement to the lost – or to the saved and floundering ones.

This is a wonderful life!

In Conclusion…

Please keep us in your prayers! 

Here are some prayer points…

  • God’s complete and miraculous healing of Olga’s arteries and her general health
  • Strength for all of us as we care for her 24/7
  • We all walk in discernment and control the spiritual atmosphere over this home
  • Provision to continue to buy food and medical supplies for whoever needs it
  • WISDOM for me! That I hear God’s strategies and directions daily
  • For breakthroughs to come for this house, and for our town. Miracles, healings, and finances
  • Revival and Reformation to come to Volcan
  • The Fear of God rests on all of us and the churches that surround us
  • Protection as we move forward into greater spiritual warfare as we battle witchcraft and the forces of evil that are escalating here
  • Provision to finish Soraya’s bathroom

Thank you for your love and support!

May the Lord bless you in every way.

Joyfully His!



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