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September 2023
Greetings from Panama!
I’m praying that you and everyone in your family are knee-deep in God’s
goodness and blessings!

Want to See Where We Live?

This short ad for Tierras Altas, which is the province where we live, just
came across my desk. If you want to get a glimpse of where we live, click
on the link.
Tierras Altas (

News of the Day…


We’ve been praying for our friend, Roger…who’s down there on the left
waving…for 2 years. First, he had an undiagnosed fever for almost two
years, and then the doctors said he had Lymphoma in his lungs and
He has three teenagers, and we have ALL been praying and believing God
for his healing. Erick, Alberto, and Soraya have gone down to their house,
which is a few hours away, to take food and encouragement and prayer for
the family for over a year.
And now, they have moved back to Volcan because his wife got a job at a
mission that works with sexually abused women and their young children.
We helped them find a house to rent a few blocks from our house, and
Alberto is now giving the two sons music lessons. They’re very grateful to
be back in a comfortable house and employment for his wife.
AND…last week, Roger came home with a new diagnosis…“Cancer Free!”
This is a miracle from God. There is NO other explanation.
God is so very faithful!
I LOVE being a part of God’s miracles in other people’s lives. It is addicting!

Speaking of His Faithfulness…

As I was walking across the kitchen with a mug of coffee this morning, my
shoe stuck on the floor and sent me hurdling through the air. My chest
crashed into the edge of the granite countertop, and then I somehow
stopped my face from crash-landing into it and fell onto the floor.
I remember thinking that I broke my mug as it flew out of my hand, but later
found it sitting in the kitchen sink, unbroken.
After lying on the floor for a while, I took an inventory of my body…no
broken bones, I could breathe, and no blood. I was fine!
I lay on the floor praising God and thanking Him for His angels, who were
obviously involved in the entire event.
I’ve spent the day with ice packs from my chest to my ankle, but I am OK.
I’m a bit sore and limping, but all I can do is be grateful! Praise God for His
protection and faithfulness!
I meditated on Psalm 91 earlier in the morning…I guess I was getting
prepared! 🙂

Olga News…

Wow! Thank you for your prayers. God is answering them.
The ulcers on her foot have reduced in size so much I can only call it
another miracle. I will spare you another photo, but please continue to pray
that the three arteries will open and she will receive the proper blood flow to
her leg and foot. Make that both feet!
We’ll be getting another ultra-sound next month.

Thank You for Your Generosity…

We had an old gas oven/stove that we used quite a bit on our back porch,
because it saved a significant amount on our electric bill. My regular
kitchen stove is electric.
But last month, a family desperately needed it. It was the parents of one of
our young people who has been growing in the Lord here, and they moved
into a house with nothing. No furniture or stove or refrigerator.
The son asked if he could buy the stove (they have no money), and I didn’t
really want to get rid of it. But after a deep breath, I gladly gave it to them
because I knew that God always supplies what we need when we need it.
I asked Erick what a new stove would cost, and he said $300. So, we
thanked the Lord for providing another one for us… and forgot about it.
Within a couple of weeks, a dear friend that I’ve not seen in over fifteen
years sent us a donation of $300. Yippee!
God always pays us back with interest. We gave away an old stove and
received a new one. It’s just like Him to do that!
(Thank you, friend. You know who you are. And more importantly, God
knows! May you receive far more than you gave.)
Thank you, everyone, for your help in sustaining this place. The needs
keep flowing in, and somehow we are always able to meet them. Again,
God’s miracles keep flowing through here!


Here’s Danny and Jackie accepting Christ after years of looking for God
among many church services.
I saw Danny behind the butcher counter at the grocery store yesterday, and
he was positively glowing while he told me what he’d read in the Bible.
I continue to be amazed at the power of small groups for growing people’s
experience while walking with God’s Holy Spirit. It’s a completely different


Erick, Alberto, and Soraya have become our in-resident evangelists. They
go out into the highways and byways and bring people home for a meal
and fellowship.
Last month was no exception. When Erick was in our local grocery store,
he invited a young man and his family to his birthday dinner a few weeks
While they were here, they commented on how they had never been to a
home like this or where there were people like us. (That’s because Jesus
lives here!)
Because of this new relationship, we started a Panamanian/Spanish group
here on Saturday nights. I think this one is going to grow quickly.
The young couple, Danny and Jackie, both accepted Christ and went home
with a glow on their faces. Roger and his family were here as well, and they
told how God supported them and brought food to their door when they
needed it…and then ultimately healed Roger of cancer.
Danny is bringing his extended family this Saturday night!
Please pray for this group to grow exponentially and for others to bring in
those who don’t know how wonderful Jesus is!

Daily Stuff….

We continue our worship and prayer group on Thursday mornings, and
we’re getting new people who are hungry to know Jesus, and not just about
We continue to give bags of food to hungry families and medicines to those
who find their way to our gate.
And we love to bring encouragement to the lost – or to the saved and
floundering ones. There are SO many people who call themselves
Christians and have no idea what that means!
Soraya asked a young woman working in a church kitchen if she was a
Christian, and she looked surprised and said, “Yes!”
Soraya then asked her why she was a Christian, and the young woman
said it was because she worked in the kitchen there. 😮
There’s so much work to do while there is still light! (I got that from the Bible
I love my life!

In Conclusion…

Please keep us in your prayers!
Here are some prayer points…
● God’s complete and miraculous healing of Olga’s arteries and her
general health
● We all walk in discernment and control the spiritual atmosphere over
this home
● Provision to continue to buy food and medical supplies for whoever
needs it
● WISDOM for me! That I hear God’s strategies and directions daily
● For the Glory of God to break out in signs, wonders, and miracles!
● Revival and Reformation to come to Volcan
● The Fear of God rests on all of us and the churches that surround us
● Protection as we move forward into greater spiritual warfare as we
battle witchcraft and the forces of evil that are escalating here
● Provision to finish Soraya’s bathroom
Thank you for your love and support!
May the Lord bless you in every way.
Joyfully His!


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God Bless You, and THANK YOU!